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2000 Pounds FOR MEN
1200 for women

CFWR has partnered with the Shrugged Collective and the official One Ton Challenge to bring this awesome lifting event to the Tri-Cities, in Southeastern Washington State. On Friday February 28th, and Saturday February 29th – lifters will attempt a Max Total of 6 lifts.  

The One Ton Challenge is the MOST fun weightlifting challenge you’ll ever do. And we are making a competition of it. The winners will be awarded based on their power index, total weight lifted divided by bodyweight. We will award cash prizes to the Best Power Index, Male Team, Female Team, Male Individual, and Female Individual. Awards will also be given to the heaviest total, and the heaviest individual lifts.

We can’t wait to PR with you and cheer you on. You have two months to get as jacked as possible, time to put in work and make some gains!

registration is closed